Tuesday, May 18, 2010

This is a circuit in series. There can be an unlimited amount of light bulbs or resistors as they are called. This is the easiest of all circuits and it is useful since the total resistance is equal to all resistor parts added. The value is given in Ohms. Finish today

Shock me with this electric feeling!

This blogpost will  present the three basic aplications of DC cirucuits. This kind of electric circuit consists of a  voltage source with constant voltage, a constant current source and resistors. The arrangement of these elements in different positions leads to the formation of cicuits. In this phase the goa is usually to light a lightbulb. Here are the three ways to influence a circuit by arrangement. But after all they can not explain why the so-called electric feeling is so shocking for MGMT.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

This is what I learned about optics. So called images are created by reflecting an object in a mirror that is either converging like ) or diverging like (. Each mirror is different in that its radius and curvature and its focal point have different lengths, even if the radius of curvature is always equal to two times the distance to the focal point. The characteristics of a reflected or mirrored image are expressed by three categories. The position determines were the image is located, the nature of the image determines wether it is real or virtual and the size of the image... well determines the size. Usually we use the algebraic equations for magnification to solve for the different characteristics, but sometimes we need to sketch the rays of light. These images come to exist when light rays are reflected by a surface. This is why we use Ray diagrams when trying to sketch an image reflected by a mirror. The first ray is emitted over the top of the object and moves toward the either concave or convex mirror where its is reflected in a direction through the focal point. The second ray i emitted over the top of an object through the focal point but moves parallel to the ground as soon as it hits the mirror.  When these mirrors are replaced by converging or diverging lenses, the principles of the Ray diagrams still apply, but we can also solve problems concerning lenses with the lens equation. Further we can identify the index of reflection and the critical angle by means of equations which allows us to determine the characteristics of reflecting materials like water or glass. My problem solving skills improved a little but the lack of time that I have to spend with these sorts of problems makes it easy to loose the overview. I need to improve my knowledge about the flexibility of equations to improve my work. I think that this is the hardest part of my problems so far. The endlesnes of equations and the need to find the one that perfectly fits your purposes.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The application of forces, or how to balance tohuwabohu

Have you ever been to a state fair? If you have then you must know this kind of entertainment ride. You sit at the end of a mechanical arm and it spins you around and around. Further, it moves up and down and if you are lucky, the seats are not directly fixed to the arm but able to spin around vertically and horizontally as well. My last state fair experience was placed right after the introduction of forces in physics class, so I thought about the forces involved in the ride, while spinning around in the air. The gravitational force that acts as soon as the seats leave the ground was easy to notice whenever the ride went up and down. The metal arm exerted the applied force that held us up in the air. Another force that I indirectly felt whenever we moved was the centripetal force, also exerted by the metal arm.
And whenever we moved up and down, slower or faster, it was because the forces were balanced in a different way. It was a very intriguing thought about the application of forces but not the right one, to think after having a lot of corned dogs and a very bumpy ride.
                                                       Forces in action

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Peace and other things that no one really understands!

As the title says. I am convinced that peace is a concept, that is so rarely achieved because its so hard to understand. I would like to say that I understand peace and that I am a promoter of peace by promoting of understanding, but I am only human, like every one else. I make mistakes, I start fights and even if I don't want to.....I hurt people. Everything I can do to make this world a better place is try to teach what I know and that is, for now anyway, not a lot. I am barely able to keep my own life together and recently I experience that trying to change other peoples life for "the better" usually makes everything worse. Still I like to think of my self as someone who makes way for peace, because if peace is achieved by understanding, then I can help by asking the right questions. Its not in my power to determine, if this thought is only wishful thinking or not. But I like the idea that the right questions can make people think and understand what is necessary to achieve peace.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Einstein and a recipe for peace!

Einstein is a well known physicist and winner of the nobel prize. But starting during his career he also developed an interest for history and the term of morality. Since his birthday was one week ago, I will share with you the "Einstein-quote" that influenced me the most. Einstein once said that "Peace cannot be achieved through violence, it can only be attained through understanding."
The origin of the quote is still disputed. Some belief that it was said by Einstein when a friend asked him about the second world war. Some belief that it was said by Ralph Waldo Emerson. I like to think that Einstein said it, both, because it expresses the genious simplicity of many of Einsteins ideas and because it relates so well to his background story. This quote relates to me since I have always been trying to understand the moral values and commonly accepted ideas that are needed to change this world to a point were peace is no longer a rare possibility but an universal right for everyone.
But what does this quote really say? In my opinion it shows a way. It shows the recipe to peace and it lists the one essential ingredient. But with ideas like:" Si velle pacem para bellum!" society moved away from the goal of peace, in Einstein's century, but in mine as well. People think that they should be prepared for violence by someone else in order to "secure" peace. But this is wrong and only leads to more and more violence and destruction. This is why understanding is so important.
 Einstein, directly influenced by WWII acknowledged this thought and pointed out the essence of peace when he was asked about the war. Understanding, not violence is the way to peace. Do not be afraid of what you don't know but try to understand it. War and Violence will never be able to bring and preserve peace, only if we start to understand what our differences are and start to accept them as given we can reach peace. If everyone would understand this truth that Einstein formulated so simple, we would see no need for war anymore because the curiosity to understand what we dont know would be greater than the fear of something that is different!
 In this way Einstein did influence my life. Not by his equations and physical research, but by this jokingly mentioned quote that bears such a wise truth in it. And knowing Einstein from what I read about him, he would probably like that.
With this:
 Happy Birthday Einstein!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

So I was randomly looking at blogs today and I found this youtube video on one of them.... Should maybe be the last step of our little Inertia-Cup! Here is the video! Thanks to youtube and random block search!  Video