Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Peace and other things that no one really understands!

As the title says. I am convinced that peace is a concept, that is so rarely achieved because its so hard to understand. I would like to say that I understand peace and that I am a promoter of peace by promoting of understanding, but I am only human, like every one else. I make mistakes, I start fights and even if I don't want to.....I hurt people. Everything I can do to make this world a better place is try to teach what I know and that is, for now anyway, not a lot. I am barely able to keep my own life together and recently I experience that trying to change other peoples life for "the better" usually makes everything worse. Still I like to think of my self as someone who makes way for peace, because if peace is achieved by understanding, then I can help by asking the right questions. Its not in my power to determine, if this thought is only wishful thinking or not. But I like the idea that the right questions can make people think and understand what is necessary to achieve peace.

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