Sunday, February 21, 2010

So why is it called Energy drinks?

This is what I learned about Energy:
Energy is the ability to do Work. Thats what I have to remember whenever I hear about energy. It can not be destructed nor produced it can only be converted between different forms of energy storage, such as potential energy(energy of height), chemical energy (stored in chemical reactions), kinetic energy (energy of moving objects),internal energy(usually friction and therefore not easily re-convertable), thermal energy (stored in the form of heat and detectable by thermal visions) and elastic energy which is only applicable in elastic objects. Energy is usually represented in Joules. To understand energy conversions, I learned how to draw energy flow diagrams and how to use them to determine the different kinds of energy storage involved in a process. Further, to understand what the definition of energy really means I learned about work. Work is the change that is produced by a force and expressed by the formula force times distance. In the same way work defines energy it defines power which is the rate of work over time and usually expressed in Watts. I learned about the different possibilities to express thoughts about energy in the form of equations about kinetic, potential or elastic energy. Even though I learned a lot in this unit it also created some problems by adding many variables and equations to my system of physics so that I temporarily lost the overview. I have really improved in my organisational skill and usually find the right way through an equation even if it sometimes takes two tries to come to the right result. In this unit, my greatest strength which is to understand problems and reducing them to ideas and formulas was constantly tested, until I sometimes lost the overview. I will continue to become more familiar with my equations in order to master the conversion of energy.
Energy is all around us and one of the things that has always been interesting to me. The concept of energy is complex but easy at the same time. We use it when we run to school(chemical to kinetic), when we make a fire (chemical to thermal) or when we fly in a balloon. (cemical to thermal to potential).
To understand about energy was essential in my "physics quest", even if I still dont have a clue why its called and energy drink! :)


  1. Great reflection! I completely agree with you when you say there are many added variables and you sort of lose the overview!

  2. Good reflection! I have a couple of questions:

    What do you mean by thermal "visions"? I have never heard this terms.
    Also, the energy unit is called Joules not Jules!
    Also you left a sentence incomplete when you said about work: "usually expressed in"?
    I would love for you to do a little research to be able to answer your question about energy drinks OK?

  3. I corrected the sentence structure and spelling error. The "thermal visions" are quite popular in germany now, where due to the "global warming" people use new insulation material over there old houses to be more efficient.
    From what I know it is a reinvented Infra red vision so I checked out google and found a long wikipedia entry for you ^^ :
    Hope I didnt do any misconceptions here ...

  4. I am starting on the resaerch saturday morning when Im done with all my work for school....Ill probably write a little entry here.....just for the fun of it :D